Stream Data Centers has been providing premium data center solutions and optimized value to Fortune 500 companies since 1999. To date, Stream has acquired and developed more than two million square feet of data center space nationally representing more than 200 megawatts of power.

The technical real estate professionals at Stream are dedicated to improving the data center experience through exceptional people and service, developing and operating highly resilient, scalable and efficient data centers.

Hyperscale Data Center innovation enables Stream’s delivery on rapid deployment timelines, employing adaptable tier-level design, and best-in-class construction and operations standards. Modular system components allow for cost-effective, low-impact upgrades and innovative monitoring systems for predictive, versus time-based, maintenance, while Stream’s hyperscale products also focus on reusable, renewable and energy-wise construction and operations practices.

Stream’s Build-to-Suit competency leverages proven development strategies to quickly deliver cost-efficient data centers that meet each customer’s unique requirements. From our stringent site selection methodology to our industry-leading team of design and construction professionals and equipment manufacturers, Stream’s supply chain is optimized for quality and value.

Stream’s Ready-to-Fit™ Powered Shells provide a hardened, expandable facility with readily available power to support rapid deployment.

Our Private Data Center™ Suites feature dedicated infrastructure, security and privacy for ultimate control. Proactive maintenance strategies comply with risk management guidelines.

Retail Colocation deployments provide highly secure space in a multi-tenant facility with options to deploy a distributed IT strategy and grow as needed.

Data center development, critical environments operations, network and cloud connectivity, energy procurement and energy-wise services are included among Stream’s solution practices that enable customers to optimize data center effectiveness and efficiency.

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