Stream currently leases and manages over 160 million square feet of commercial real estate across the platform.

Over the last twenty years, Stream has developed our client services platform with growth and scalability to best accommodate our overall national expansion plan. Stream has grown with deliberate steps and at a pace that suggests systems and vendor relationships need to be very expandable and adaptable.


On behalf of our clients, we leverage existing national relationships with a variety of vendors to provide savings. We can do many things; however, we cannot do them alone. It is through the relationships we have built with some of the finest service partners that allow us to deliver a world-class service platform on behalf of our clients.

Stream has successfully transitioned over 40 million square feet of real estate on-line in the last three years.

In real estate, experience and execution matter. Our property management teams collectively have substantial experience in transitioning and operating commercial real estate in a best in class manner. Our unique combination of unequaled expertise and dedication has established Stream in the commercial real estate community as having the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the industry.


The standards in which we operate are recognized throughout the industry as being top-level. We hold ourselves accountable to such standards and expectations by routinely conducting a series of audits, both internally and through a third party firm. Our SOC 1 compliance program is our primary quality assurance vehicle. This external auditing program ensures to us, and to our clients, that we are operating at the highest standards within the industry.

An outside auditing firm conducts annual testing that includes:

  • Controls over computer operations, programs, and data
  • Business process controls over property management reporting
  • Controls of property accounting
  • Controls of HR practices
  • Validation of Stream’s formal risk management program

SOC I testing ensures that our property management, accounting, IT, and HR teams are performing at the highest level within a stable operating platform on behalf of our clients.

Stream employs the appropriate number of qualified accounting, management, and administrative team members to accommodate the segregation of duties over lease administration, cash management, and financial reporting. The controls in place are tested annually and found to be appropriate by client auditors.

Stream uses an extensive integrated system of tracking, measuring and rewarding performance to elicit the highest performance in property management and accounting.

We have created a proprietary tool for measuring on-going performance of all Stream Teams. Stream’s senior level management conducts on-site management audits on an annual basis in each market. Once audits are complete and results are tallied in each market, senior management determines the Stream Team that performed at the highest level throughout the year.

Stream maximizes uptime and value across mission-critical facility operations.

Stream’s Critical Environment Services practice is responsible for operating data centers and other critical environments across owned and managed properties. Highly experienced facility operations professionals are committed to maximizing uptime and value without compromising health, safety and security. Learn More

Stream attracts, hires, and retains the top professionals in commercial real estate.

Stream’s growth plan includes very deliberate steps with two key ingredients – Our People and Our Clients.

We have a culture that exemplifies superior property management, facilities management, accounting, and financial reporting, and we hire the people who are passionate about that culture. We feel strongly that you can’t have one without the other.

Full service centralized accounting team comprised of 85+ degreed accountants.

We’re proud to say our account­ing department is a significant driver in the growth of our business.