When Lee Belland and Mike McVean founded Stream Realty Partners in 1996, they understood that for the company to succeed, it needed a sustainable competitive advantage. As a commercial real estate company, bricks and mortar or capital may come to mind first. But it was their belief that the primary strength of the world’s best businesses is talent.

They evaluated the talent level in the commercial real estate industry and believed they could assemble a team with a meaningfully higher level of business talents. If Stream could combine exceptional talent with tremendous energy (read: hard work), they would have our sustainable competitive advantage.

Talent Gravitates to Security and Opportunity.

To provide opportunity, Stream paints a picture of learning, growth, development and freedom. Briefly, we bring people in, and initially teach them a trade (say building leasing for example). Next, we teach them how to be real estate experts providing them with the day to day freedom to pursue new, different and rewarding ideas and projects (think buying buildings, financing developments, etc.). Finally, we show them how to be business people: Leaders, Managers, and Visionaries.

We do all of this with a focus on autonomy and the entrepreneurial spirit, aimed at developing independent, creative thinkers who thrive in a team environment. Additionally, we place no age or tenure limitations on advancement. If the maturity is there, advancement happens.

Our high-caliber professionals come together to create a distinct culture best summarized by our firm’s values:


We are intelligent, creative, innovative and sharp; we possess an especially keen understanding of supply and demand.


We always tell the truth and conduct ourselves ethically; we consider this value paramount to our success.


We are nice to all people all of the time; we respect and seek diversity in thought and background.


We love our company, our colleagues, our customers and our work; we incessantly strive to win for our clients and our associates.


For almost 25 years, Mike and Lee have sat within ten feet of each other in an open office setting communicating openly and honestly all day long. As new people were added to the company they enjoyed the benefit of both listening to the founders’ conversations and having the freedom to freely approach them at any time.

Though the two founding partners’ individual contributions have naturally varied, they have always shared everything equally without discussion. All material decisions have been made collaboratively between the two utilizing each of these very different individual’s unique perspective and judgment.

Both men started families about the same time and agreed that family comes first, setting an example for all others in the firm. Being trustworthy and honorable is the main thing that attracted Mike and Lee to each other in the seven years they worked together before starting Stream. The integrity driving those characteristics permeates the firm.

Stream Realty Partners has consistently been recognized as one of the “Best Places to Work” nationwide.

Our goal is to offer an exceptional work environment, competitive compensation, excellent benefits package and unmatched culture.