Jamie Jennings Managing Director
2001 Ross Avenue
Suite 400
Dallas, Texas 75201
T: 214.267.0452
F: 214.210.1452

Jamie Jennings joined Stream Realty Partners in 2009 and serves as Managing Director of Investment Sales. Jamie is responsible for providing clients with investment sales brokerage; which includes underwriting and valuation services, capital markets expertise, and various other tasks associated with the disposition process.

In addition, Jamie provides support and guidance to meeting client and project objectives. Prior to joining Stream Realty, Jamie worked with Kirtland Realty Group, Rainier Capital Management, Lincoln Capital Group, and Cencor Realty Services.

Jamie’s career experience includes investment sales brokerage, asset management, real estate analysis, private loan origination, debt and equity brokerage, project & capital underwriting support, and acquisition consulting.