Kathie Golden Senior Property Manager
515 Post Oak Boulevard
Suite 100
Houston, Texas 77027
T: 713.300.0269
M: 832.439.5245

Kathie joined Stream in April 2013 and currently is a Senior Property Manager.  When Kathie first joined Stream she initially was a Property Assistant supporting the Industrial Income Trust (IIT) portfolio.  Kathie brought her experience of managing 2,500,000 square feet of commercial / industrial lease space for Sealy & Company that included property within the IIT portfolio.

In December 2013, Kathie was promoted to Assistant Property Manager, and then in February 2016, she was made Property Manager continuing to help manage the IPT, Clarion, and GLP portfolios. By 2016, the portfolio included 6,980,912 square feet of commercial and industrial lease space, managing 54 industrial buildings throughout the Houston area.  In 2017, Kathie was promoted to a Senior Property Manager role.  Kathie has a wealth of property management experience with prior work experience managing all types of commercial and industrial properties.  She has a deep knowledge of contracts and property accounting, well-respected leadership skills and excellent communication skills.