Stream Realty Partners is committed to conserving natural resources, using more renewable energy and cutting waste production. We’re implementing best practices in energy management and conservation across our portfolio.

 Sustainability makes sense for the health of the environment and the bottom line.

A measure of your building’s energy efficiency. Stream Realty will continually benchmark the building’s energy efficiency online relative to its peer group. If the score is at least 75 (meaning it is more efficient than 75% of similar buildings), then the building will retain its Energy Star rating.

A walk-through audit by a team of experts. Stream will conduct an ASHRAE Level 1 energy audit immediately at no cost. The audit includes a 100-point checklist tailored to exploit no-cost or low-cost energy efficiency improvements and reveal opportunities to improve or sustain the building’s Energy Star score.

LEED The gold-standard of green building standards.
Numerous members of the leasing and management team are LEED Accredited Professionals and will facilitate the building’s pursuit of LEED-EB certification if desired by the client.

A measure of how well-run a building is overall. BOMA 360 is a new designation available to all buildings regardless of age or quality and includes six categories that capture Best Practices.

Categories include energy efficiency, sustainability, operations, tenant relations, life safety/security, and training / education.

Stream provides energy procurement services to minimize energy demand and costs through design operational best practices and evaluation of optimal energy rates in all markets, including renewable energy sources. Services also include administering appropriate demand response programs and ongoing advisory services that capture opportunity or manage risk in volatile energy markets, as well as providing guidance for LEED certification and operational efficiency designations.