A Thoughtful Return to Office from Stream’s VP of Business Development Jessica Leak

The Roaring 20s, The New Normal, A Post-Pandemic Life. Whatever you call it, it’s still messy and uncertain, especially for employers and their office.

After more than a year of working remote, many employers are navigating how to bring employees back to the office in a safe, thoughtful way. To complicate things further, we’ve seen headlines lately in which executives were called out by employees for seemingly insensitive messaging only to later apologize publicly; or in perhaps the most public example of employee pushback, a published letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook from around 80 employees voicing their concern for a lack of flexibility in the return to work plan (three days a week, beginning in September).

In a former life, I managed employee relations and communications for large, publicly traded companies. At the heart of all this conflict, I see one familiar theme: lack of dialogue between employees and leadership. Put simply, employees don’t feel heard.

To be clear, my work is now in office real estate, so I’m certainly not unbiased on the topic, but what I can offer is some lessons learned in employee communication to create a smoother path forward.

Click here to read the full article by Jessica Leak, VP of Business Development for Tenant Representation, in DCEO.

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