A Women’s History Month Tribute: Thank You To All The Women Who Have Inspired Us

“For most of history, anonymous was a woman.” – Virginia Woolf, English novelist

In 1987, Congress changed that in a grand way, declaring March as Women’s History Month. The designation honors the vital role of women in American history, culture, and society. It also encourages us to collectively shine a light on the grandmothers, moms, daughters, sisters, aunts, wives, colleagues, friends, role models, and any women who have inspired and shaped us.

Stream professionals celebrate Women’s History Month by writing a letter of recognition to a special woman so they could express their thoughts and feelings. 

Dear Sarah:

Thank you for your many contributions to our company’s core values. You came to Stream seven years ago, knew exactly what you wanted with your career “shift,” and got after it. You were patient, persistent, and a quick study toward your growth at Stream. You have always carried yourself with the utmost professionalism. In the past seven years I have watched you become a mother to three adopted children, a top producer at Stream, and a leader in our company. Any of these achievements are commendable and inspiring–to achieve them all at this level, with the life balance that takes, is highly inspirational. Congratulations and thank you!


Cannon Green, National Head of Industrial Development Services


Carter and I are so fortunate to have you in our lives–to inspire us to create, to embolden us to expand our brains and our hearts and to show us how to take care of others by leading from the front. Thank you.

We love you,


Virginia Crabtree, Senior Vice President of Construction

Laura –

We both made big changes in the past year, and I’m so grateful I had you at my side helping me with all my most important decisions. I’m impressed you made a bold and unique choice for your next role instead of following the well-worn path. I’ll be here to support you as this new chapter unfolds, but I have no doubt you’ll build this business up into something huge.

Thank you for everything,


Tiffany Winne, Executive Managing Director & Partner

Dear Mama, 

Thank you for all the sleepless nights you spent by my side and never complained. Thank you for holding my hand so I would never fall. Thank you for healing every wound and making sure I was not in pain. There are not enough words to describe how much you mean to me. You are not only my mother but my best friend and my rock–the one person who makes me believe that good comes to those who do good.

You have always helped every single person that has crossed your path without hesitation and without wanting anything in return. You raised us to be good people and have passion, understanding, and most importantly respect for others. Life has not always been fair to you, and you always still smiled through everything. Now that I am a mom, I finally understand.

Thank you, mama, for being my entire world. I would be so lost without you. 

Thank you, 


Adriana Nikolic, Assistant Property Manager


You are the most selfless person in the world! You have sacrificed everything for us your entire life and continue to every day! Now that I have kids of my own, I have learned the true meaning of love because of everything you taught me. Thank you for being my biggest cheerleader in life! 



Laura Le Harvey, Managing Director of Property Management

Dear Mama,

For all the times I’ve forgotten to say thank you and show you the appreciation you truly deserve, THANK YOU! It’s because of you that I aspire to be a strong woman and to have the resilience you do. You’ve taught me how to never lose sight of my blessings or spirit at any time life seems to be difficult. Your daily reminders and prayers continue to motivate me and will forever leave an impact on my life.

Love always,


Kristine Leal, Assistant Property Manager

Dear Brittany,

I know getting the news on our first baby in 2020 was a blessing for us both. I know firsthand the pain, sorrow, and despair you felt when we miscarried at 20 weeks. There is nothing like a mother’s love. The strength, fortitude, and faith you showed in the time since then is like nothing I’ve ever witnessed before. It’s inspired me to be stronger, to be better. Here we are 2 years later, as foster parents and a newly married couple. I can see the happiness in your eyes every day, and it drives me to do my best in anything that I do. Thank you for being a great wife and an inspiration to me every day.



Bo Lopez, Property Manager


I can’t imagine a world without you. You are such an important part of my life. You have always been there for me through the most joyous times and especially through the hardest times of my life. Thank you for being that positive light that always shines through. Your positivity, humor, and grace are admired by so many and especially by me. Like my cousin said, “Thank you for being our Betty White!”

You are a beautiful and wonderful lady, mom, and friend.

I love you,


Donna Steele, Property Manager

Dear Camin,

Thank you for pushing me to be self-sufficient and responsible in my early 20s, and for showing me that there is a way to have a career and be a good mom. Now that I have chosen that path for my life today, I feel better prepared having had you as a mentor and friend.



Molly Robottom, Senior Vice President of Recruiting

Dear Mother,

Words are not enough to express the love and gratitude that I have for you. You are the strength of our family. You have given so much since my brother’s motorcycle accident that has left him paralyzed. You have continued to hold your head up and walked a straight path even when things have been tough. The sun (son) Jesus always seems to shine upon you. This gives our family hope.

You are the most encouraging and strongest women that I have ever known. When I see you, I see myself and I do my best to lead just as you have. You have taught us many things–to be different (in a good way), to be a leader and not followers, to love, to be patient, and to be kind no matter what and I am so blessed to get to experience that same love from you daily.

You have always taught us to give God the glory for all things, for nothing is done on our own but through him we can do all things. I am grateful to be called your daughter.

Love Always,


Tara Gibson, Assistant Property Manager

Dear Grandmother,

You’re the backbone of our family. Without your sacrifices and courage, our family wouldn’t be who it is today! Your hard work and dedication are examples of how I want me and my future kids to be. You make me want to be a better human being. You give me the courage to go after anything I want in this world! You taught me that anything in this world is obtainable if you go after it with the right attitude. Your legacy will live forever. The traditions you set will continue through us. Thank you for everything!

To the Honorable Helen Giddings!



Jordan Giddings, Assistant Property Manager

Carolyn Taylor, 

Thank you for your continued confidence in me; for pushing me outside my comfort zone; for recognizing the talent and spark inside me that I didn’t even know was there; for believing in me even when I struggle to believe in myself; for continuously opening my eyes to bigger and better possibilities; for your continued encouragement in my personal, professional, and spiritual life; and for standing beside me as I walk my own path.

You are the type of woman I aspire to be–in faith, in family, and in business.  You are an excellent role model and mentor for all.  And I love you from the bottom of my heart.

Your friend,


Morgan Neely, Vice President of Property Management

Dear Amber,

Thank you so much for your tireless commitment to Stream and our team in particular.  Over the years we have worked together, it has been impressive to watch your skills and talents continue to thrive and flourish.  You are a tremendous value to our team, and we very much appreciate everything you do for us.  We can’t say thank you enough!


Craig Wilson, Managing Director

Dear Cynthia,

I’m so grateful for your leadership and friendship over the last 15 years. You’ve pushed me creatively, you’ve inspired me spiritually, and you have taught me so much professionally. I treasure our friendship more than you will ever know. I’m forever grateful that our paths crossed so many years ago.

Love ya,


Dawn Scott, Senior Graphic Designer

Dear Mom,

For as long as I can remember you were the glue that held everything together with our family, and still do to this day. The house accountant, project manager, transportation, nurse–you name it, and you wear that title and wear it well.

You are the ultimate orchestrator.  And when I tell people what I do for a living I often tell them I am an orchestrator of many people who are great in their respective fields.

My mom doesn’t know it, but she is the ultimate developer!



Charlie Smiroldo, Managing Director

Dear Mom, Anne Marie, Kathleen, and Michele,

Thank you for everything y’all do for our family! Y’all are mothers, sisters, friends, and so much more!

I am thankful to be a part of this family.



John Comerford, Vice President of Property Management


The last few years have been marked by a sea of changes, from celebrating the birth of our fourth (and final) child, adoption of our third dog, global pandemics, buying a new home, and supporting me through the transition of a new job at Stream. Your strength to carry our family, our lives, has truly been remarkable to watch and through it all, you’ve supported and encouraged me along the way. I couldn’t be more thankful for the example you provide to me and our family. Thank you.


Brad Bays, Managing Director


Thanks for all you guys have done for us over the years. You and Dad both have been such a foundation to our success. Instilling a work-like attitude, caring for others, and always being supportive have gone a long way. Thanks!


Ryan Boozer, Managing Director & Partner


Thank you for sticking by my side and helping me improve myself while not giving up on me.

The best kinds of friends are the ones who push you to do better when they know you’re capable of more.


Amanda Horstman, Property Manager


Watching you as a mother has been such an amazing experience this last year. I can’t thank you enough for all that you do for me and our family. You inspire me to be a better person every day with all of the love, happiness, and compassion that you share with everyone. Thank you for being you!



Mike Miller, Senior Associate

Dear Jane,

You are the type of woman that does it all. From being a boss, a mother, and wife, a caretaker, my aunt, all while battling your own health issues. I cherish every moment we spend together.



Becki Rizzo, Property Manager

Dear Nina,

Thank you for everything you have done for me other the years. You’ve taught me so much about having self-esteem and treating everyone with kindness. I have always admired the way you carry yourself with class, elegance, and sophistication.

Love you always,


Sam Price, Executive Administrator

Dear Mom, 

In honor of Women’s History Month, I wanted to remind you of how truly special you are to me. Thank you so much for everything you do for me and for playing such an important role in my life. You truly are my rock, and I would be so lost without you. You have been there with me through every high and low, and I am so thankful for you. 

Thank you for being my biggest fan. You have found a way to make me feel special in every way possible. You really are my biggest supporter in life, and it means the world to me. Thank you for being a wonderful role model. You are such a strong, kind, independent, and caring woman–and an amazing mom. Thank you for setting a wonderful example for me to follow throughout the years. I am forever grateful for you.  

Thank you for providing the best advice. Your words of wisdom are so insightful and super helpful. You really have a knack for putting things into perspective. Our heart-to-heart conversations are some of my favorite things on this earth, and I appreciate all the times you have lent me your ear when I needed to talk. 

Thank you for all the Sunday dinners and for creating such a valuable family tradition that will live on always. I can talk to you about anything, and our close-knit bond is something I will treasure forever. 

Thank you for being my best friend!

Love you,


Victoria Knudson, Leader of Property Management and Partner


Thank you for helping with everything in the office. Your continued hard work is noticed and appreciated by all!!!!


David Kollar, Vice President – Construction & Development


Thank you for always being a wonderful example of family, community, and business leadership! Your energy, personality, and efficiency set the tone for our family and your employees. I continue to look up to you every day. I love you!


Bradley Dunn, Managing Director

Dear Morgan,

I know you are struggling to come to terms with your present circumstances. I want you to know that I admire your strength and your independence. I am so proud of you. Thank you for inspiring me to be bold.



Maddie Hess, Senior Graphic Designer



Thank you for teaching me to be strong. Watching you build a successful business from scratch as a single mother has shaped me into the hardworking woman I am today. You speak your truth because know your worth. You’re empathetic, but not to a fault. You are constantly rooting for the success of others, but you never let it take away from your own. You’ve taught me that I have to love myself before I can love anything else. When I am suffering you remind me that I’m not alone in my grief.

My entire life you have always let me be exactly who I wanted to be. If we ever disagreed on things, you would gently offer your opinion without forcing me in a certain direction. Giving me the freedom to create exactly the life I wanted has made me happier, stronger, and braver than ever. Everyone has a hero, but not everyone gets lucky enough to have a hero for a mom. Thank you for demonstrating what it means to be a strong woman.



Georgia Huddleston, Senior Designer and Drone Specialist

Dear Mom,

The strength and courage you showed after being diagnosed with breast cancer 13 years ago continue to remind me that there’s nothing I can’t handle in life. You beat it, and I will always channel those qualities for the professional and personal challenges I face today and in the future. I don’t tell you this enough, but you are a true inspiration to me and my sisters. I cherish every moment we get to spend together in person and via FaceTime.



Brian Medricka, Director of National Communications, Public & Media Relations

Dear Teresa,

Thank you for recognizing my potential at the earliest stages of my career. You created an initial path for me that has allowed me to lead with empathy, depth of experiences, and true authenticity. I am most grateful to you for your leadership example, by which I am able to create paths and opportunities for others in my own roles. 

Your mentorship has helped foster a generation of emerging leaders far and wide. 

In gratitude,


Amanda Coupe, Regional Managing Director of Property Management

** This article has been edited. It originally ran in March 2022.

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