Building Operations Supervisor

Locations: Atlanta
Departments: Building Maintenance, Building Operations, Property Management

Stream Atlanta is currently seeking a Building Operations Supervisor.  Under general direction, supervises and directs through subordinate employees the maintenance, repair and alteration of buildings and allied equipment; plans and schedules work projects; administers various service contracts; provides technical assistance ; performs related duties as required.

At Stream, we realize that our success begins and ends with our people. As a result, we work hard to attract and retain the best talent in the industry. These high-caliber professionals come together to create a distinct culture that is best summarized by our firm’s values: Nice. Smart. Honest. Passionate. More information on the firm is available on the About Stream page.


Knowledge of:

  • Principles and practices of employee supervision, including selection, training, work evaluation and discipline
  • The methods, materials, tools, and equipment used in the maintenance and repair of buildings and allied equipment
  • Operating characteristics, parts, and inner workings of air conditioning, heating, and ventilation equipment, electrical systems, plumbing, pumps, and hydraulic systems
  • Paints, chemicals, lubricants, and other materials used in maintenance work
  • Safety practices to be observed in building maintenance activities
  • Codes, ordinances and regulation pertaining to the work; work layout and scheduling and various other construction trades

Skill to:

  • Plan, organize, direct, assign, review and evaluate the work of others
  • Select, motivate and evaluate staff and provide for their training development
  • Analyze complex technical and administrative problems, evaluate alternatives and recommend or adopt effective courses of action; prepare clear and concise records, reports, correspondence and other written materials
  • Exercise independent judgment within general policy guidelines

Ability to:

  • Deal effectively with Code enforcement and others involved with the maintenance and repair of buildings and equipment and to understand and direct a wide variety of maintenance and repair work on buildings
  • Interpret plans, specifications and sketches

Must possess the physical and mental capacity to work under the conditions described in this posting and to perform the duties required by their assigned position.


  • Plans, schedules, orders materials, and supervise work on plumbing, heating, air-conditioning, electrical, ventilation and pumping systems.
  • Supervises minor construction or building alteration projects.
  • Keeps associated records and prepares reports.
  • Participates in the development and administration of maintenance, construction or service contracts, including request for proposals, bid conferences, evaluation, selection of bids, and award of contracts.
  • Coordinates and assists in coordinating building maintenance activities with other departments, divisions and sections, the public and with outside agencies.
  • Inspects buildings for safety hazards, maintenance needs and disability access requirements.
  • Prepares plans and specifications for small remodeling, alteration and construction projects.
  • Provides time and materials cost estimates.
  • Analyzes energy usage and costs and originates changes to reduce consumption.
  • Participates in the determination of maintenance and energy requirements of new buildings.
  • Assists Supervisors in preparing the Building Maintenance budget and Capital Improvement Plans, administers and monitors the budget including submitting budgetary recommendations and anticipating future budgetary needs.
  • Prepares reviews and approves reports of a budgetary, technical and/or evaluative nature and recommends or implements courses of action.
  • Assists with the development and implementation of goals, objectives, policies, procedures and work standards for the section.
  • Assists with the development of long-range plans and standards for building maintenance.
  • Participates in the selection, training, motivation and evaluation of staff.
  • Participates in monitoring employee performance objectives.
  • Instructs assigned subordinates.
  • Resolves employee grievances.
  • Establishes and maintains a cooperative working relationship with employees, members of other departments, other agencies and the general public.
  • Participates in the safety committee.
  • Responsible for various maintenance Safety programs such as respiratory protection, fall safety and confined space.


This position has second line supervisory responsibilities and receives direction from the Building Operations Manager and gives direction through the Building Maintenance Field technicians.  This position is characterized by a combination of supervisory and maintenance experience.  The nature of the work supervised is such that little direct supervision is needed.  After receiving information on desired results, the employee is expected to apply the requisite skills including the selection of appropriate work methods.  The Building Operations Supervisor ensures that project deadlines are met and completed projects conform to initial plans and work quality standards.


Any combination of education and/or experience that has provided knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to satisfactory job performance would be qualifying. A typical way to obtain such knowledge and abilities would be five years of experience in the Building maintenance trades including electrical, plumbing, air conditioning and heating or carpenter including two years at a supervisory level and completion of a Systems Maintenance Administration Designation or a closely related field.


You must possess a Valid Driver License at the time of appointment and Vehicle Liability insurance, satisfactory driving record. You must possess a Universal CFC certification. You must have completed the Systems Maintenance Administrator Designation with BOMI. Failure to maintain these licenses and or Certifications could result in discipline up to and including termination.


Physical and Environmental Demands:

Note: May perform maintenance duties as needed.

Rare = < 10%, Occasional = 11-33%, Frequent = 34-66%, Constant = >66%

    • Sitting: Frequent – desk, meetings, car
    • Walking: Occasional
    • Standing: Occasional
    • Bending (neck): Frequent
    • Bending (waist): Occasional
    • Squatting: Rare
    • Climbing: Rare
    • Kneeling: Rare
    • Crawling: Rare
    • Jumping: Rare
    • Balancing: Rare
    • Twisting (neck): Occasional
    • Twisting (waist): Occasional
    • Grasp – light (dominant hand): Occasional to Frequent
    • Grasp – light (non-dominant): Occasional
    • Grasp – firm (dominant hand): Rare
    • Grasp – firm (non-dominant): Rare
    • Fine manipulation (dominant): Frequent to write/keyboard
    • Fine manipulation (non-dominant): Occasional – keyboard
    • Reach – at/below shoulder: Occasional to Frequent
    • Reach – above shoulder level: Rare
    • Push/pull:
      – Up to 10 lbs.: Rare – doors/drawers
      – 11 to 25 lbs.: Rare – doors/drawers
      – 26 to 50 lbs.: Rare
      – 51 to 75 lbs. : Rare
      – 76 to 100 lbs.: Never
      – Over 100 lbs.: Never
    • Lifting:
      – Up to 10 lbs.: Frequent
      – 11 to 25 lbs.: Occasional
      – 26 to 50 lbs.: Rare – heavier plans 35 lb.
      – 51 to 75 lbs.: Rare – equipment, not daily
      – 76 to 100 lbs.: Never
      – Over 100 lbs.: Never
    • Carrying:
      – Up to 10 lbs.: Occasional
      – 11 to 25 lbs.: Occasional
      – 26 to 50 lbs.: Rare – heavier plans 35 lb.
      – 51 to 75 lbs.: Rare – equipment, not daily
      – 76 to 100 lbs.: Never
      – Over 100 lbs.: Never
    • Coordination:
      – Eye-hand: Required
      – Eye-hand-foot: Required
      – Driving: Required
    • Vision:
      – Acuity, near: Required
      – Acuity, far: Required
      – Depth perception: Required
      – Accommodation: Required
      – Color vision: Required
      – Field of vision: Required
    • Talking:
      – Face-to-face contact: Required
      – Verbal contact w/others: Required
      – Public: Required
    • Hearing:
      – Normal conversation: Required
      – Telephone communication: Required
      – Earplugs required: Provided

Work Environment:

Works indoors, works outdoors, exposure to extreme hot or cold temperature, being around moving machinery, exposure to marked changes in temperature / humidity, exposure to dust, fumes, smoke, gases, odors, mists, or other irritating particles, exposure to excessive noise (construction sites), exposure to radiation or electrical energy (construction sites), exposure to solvents, grease or oil, exposure to slippery or uneven walking surfaces, using computer monitor, works around others, works alone, works with others.