Stream Spotlight | Vibha Gore

Because people are at the core of Stream’s success, we’ve learned to identify the most talented individuals that contribute to our unique culture of service and leadership. As Stream continues to grow its business and people, we are taking this opportunity to spotlight our talented employees from all service lines, cities, and departments. These individuals are selected because they have had a significant impact on Stream, the commercial real estate industry, and the local community.

For those that don’t already know her, we would like to shine a spotlight on:

Vibha Gore is Stream’s Vice President of Enterprise Applications, responsible for overseeing multiple technology application platforms. Her focus has been to enable the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. Vibha is credited with many of the digital technology solutions and collaboration platforms that allow for automation of business processes for Stream’s professionals and clients across each Stream market.

How would you describe yourself in three words?

People-person, leader, and technologist.

How would you describe your role at Stream?

Our Technology Team has taken on the challenge of digitally transforming Stream. My focus is on creating an Enterprise CRM platform to provide insights into our deals pipeline, we serve clients across different service lines, product types, and markets. A single view of our clients helps us synergize, support our relationships, and effectively support our client’s goals and objectives.

How did you arrive in a technology role in the CRE industry?

I was born and raised in India and technology always intrigued me. I studied computer science at the University of Pune. I moved to the United States for a position with Ernst & Young and quickly made Dallas my home. Commercial real estate (CRE) fascinates me, it is an industry that has been late to adopt technology and is typically slow to change. There are so many technology solutions yet to be embraced— meaning there is a huge opportunity for digital transformation.

How have you seen CRM advance Stream as a company?

Relationships are the key to Stream’s success and Enabling Technology enhances those relationships. We must think about how we can support and advance our client relationships by using Technology to reveal limitless, frictionless, predictive business insights.

At Stream, our professionals harness technology to their advantage. Once the value is communicated, our workforce is quick to adapt and importantly, to benefit from the efficiencies and insights that our technology facilitates. The pandemic accelerated the process and motivated us all to leverage the technology available, whether that was switching over to using Microsoft Teams, or more advanced applications like harnessing the power of the Internet of things (IoT). With continued advancements, and as more and more Gen Z and Millennials enter the workforce, the expectation of how we deliver our services is changing. I see demand for technology at our fingertips, from touchless building entry to location-based automatic suggestions, and from entry of sales activity into CRM to training and coaching transaction professionals to support prospects using AI-based relationship assistants. Change is coming, and it’s exciting.

What do you love about your job?

I love collaborating with people. As a technologist, I have learned to be a psychologist, as it helps to put ourselves in the user’s shoes to better understand how they do business and what obstacles could be overcome by standardizing and automating processes. I try to anticipate what is expected, what they need from me. Accountants want numbers and details, brokers expect information at their fingertips, whereas construction teams are very process-oriented. By creating relationships and partnerships with our internal customers we can reach technology solutions together as a team.

How would you define success?

Success is when users express how the technology enables them to do their job better and how that translates into business for Stream. The greatest value-add is when clients give me feedback on the benefits that our technology brings to their performance and when they provide constructive input on how to improve our solutions.

What’s one piece of advice you wish you’d received earlier in your career?

It can be tough being a woman in the world of real estate and technology. Over the years I’ve swallowed my words, not spoken up because I didn’t want to appear “argumentative.” My silence has cost me some wonderful career opportunities. My mentor encouraged me to be assertive, to lead, and be authentic. She helped me understand that sharing my voice, ideas, and concerns is an asset to my team.

What do you enjoy outside of work?

I love classical Indian music and I am a vocalist. It has been a central part of my life since my parents enrolled me in music classes as a child. I am part of a community here in Dallas that celebrates music, yoga, and connectivity.

I am still very connected to my home country. I give to several charities back home in India that help provide food and education to children in troubled communities. One of the charities shares the same name as me, Vibha, which means ray of light. I also support my friend’s wonderful non-profit called “Ek Disha” (which means One Direction). Both these organizations focus on youth learning and development and female empowerment. I have also participated in many non-profit events through the United Way in the Dallas area. In the same way that music and yoga connect me to all things, having the ability to give back through those charities brings meaning to my life. It grounds me and makes me grateful for what I have.

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