4400 Von Karman

Stream Southern California
Landlord Representation
Increased occupancy by 54% to 100% leased for new ownership in 275 days.
  • Situation

    • Building was purchased 67% leased as leasing was put on hold for 1 year due to potential user sale opportunity.
    • Large 3rd floor vacancy contained heavy, outdated build out.
    • 10% of the building was set to roll in 2017.
    • Building in need of lobby remodel and exterior refresh.
  • Action

    • To increase leasing marketability, the 3rd floor was repositioned as creative, open concept design appealing to the target tenant base.
    • Lobby renovation renderings were included in marketing collateral, brochures and email blasts.
    • Anticipated vacancies were marketed months in advance.


  • Successfully negotiated ground floor tenant renewal, increasing rental rate by 10%.
  • Successfully leased newly vacated space with less than 60 days of downtime.
  • Ultimately leased all vacant space in building to bring building to 100% leased in under a year.
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