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Have We Reached Peak Millennial?

Greater Los Angeles, Stream Insights

The subject of generational gaps is now mainstream, with “OK Boomer” and entitled children memes proliferating online. Yet, there remains a lack of credible academic research on the subject. Most …

How Adaptive Reuse is Revitalizing Communities and CRE

Dallas, National, Stream Insights

  There’s no question that the office sector within commercial real estate (CRE) has experienced significant changes. Hybrid work and a shift to collaborative, employee-centric spaces have made older assets …

In A World Filled With Challenges, Property Managers Remain Ready To Deliver

Dallas, Fort Worth, Stream Insights

By Tiffany Marano, Managing Director of Property Management, Stream Realty Partners This article first appeared in D Magazine’s CRE Opinion section. As commercial real estate continues to evolve, the role …

Will Tighter Monetary Policy Spell The End For Unprofitable Zombie Companies?

Greater Los Angeles, National, Phoenix, Stream Insights

BACKGROUND Time is running out for unprofitable zombie companies as central bankers worldwide continue to raise interest rates and engage in quantitative tightening monetary policy. As access to easy and …

Empowering Women to Create IMPACT in CRE and Beyond

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Compared to the U.S. female employment rate of 57.4%, women make up 36.7% of the CRE workforce–though that figure is slowly increasing as women recognize the exciting and lucrative career …

Employee Mental Health

National, Stream Insights

The conversation surrounding mental health continues as feelings of isolation and detachment increase. Research shows a growing number of American workers actively disengaging from their jobs, leaving leaders to wonder …

Understanding the Increased Demand for Industrial Space in the Southeast

Atlanta, Carolinas, Stream Insights

Although capital markets are changing, interest rates are increasing, and construction pricing is at record highs, the Southeast is experiencing rapid industrial growth as the need for industrial space in the US continues to rise. Driven by a growing population and a surge in e-commerce and manufacturing, the Southeast’s ports and business-friendly policies are part of why industrial demand is outpacing supply.

Emerging Class A Office Trends

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Over the past two years, demand has increased for brand new, trophy office space rather than traditional Class A locations. Areas such as Uptown Dallas and DC are almost entirely absorbed, with rising construction prices and inflation limiting opportunity for new development.

Staying Current In An Ever-Changing Industrial Market

Dallas, Stream Insights

By Matt Dornak, Managing Director, Stream Realty Partners This article first appeared in D Magazine’s CRE Opinion section. Volatility within the industrial market isn’t anything new. After a robust season, …

No Longer Overlooked & Misunderstood: Evolving Real Estate Demands

National, Stream Insights

Real estate is constantly evolving, with significant changes occurring across office and industrial sectors over the past two years. While change may bring about feelings of uncertainty, history shows that …