Chase Lopez on His Ethos of Brokerage

June 30 3 min read

Chase Lopez is a Senior Vice President on the Dallas Office Leasing Team. He joined Stream after graduating from Texas Tech University 12 years ago. Chase has an affinity for premium cigars and a thoughtful understanding of the nuances of building strong client relationships. He understands that, like a cigar, client relationships are not developed overnight.

A Sincere Approach Leads To Trusted Partnerships

People can sense sincerity – they connect with it. My clients hire me because of my expertise in real estate, but they expect knowledge and truth from me. To be a sincere advisor to them, I need to understand their business goals and unite their objectives with my real estate knowledge. Transparency within the relationship leads to trusted partnerships, which are invaluable and naturally scale. Depending on the market, my insight may be positive or negative. Regardless, my clients trust me to be realistic and straightforward with them. I understand that my role is more significant than closing a lease transaction. It’s about helping people reach their investment objectives through the delivery of Stream’s services. Because my clients are familiar with my process, agree with it, and see its success, they trust me with a larger portion of their alternative assets.

Elevated Customer Service

The core of our business is customer service. Typically, I have a short window of time to outline that my client’s building will allow a potential tenant to achieve their business goals. My objective with these interactions is to enable tenants to communicate their needs and concerns clearly, and, in turn, my job is to diligently listen and demonstrate that I am prepared to do whatever is necessary to earn their trust and their business. Earn is the keyword here.

Why, What, Where with Chase:

Why CRE?

Two reasons, 1.) I get to provide people with a physical work environment that impacts their experiences and professional growth; and 2.) It’s a performance-based compensation package. My compensation is directly related to my knowledge and willingness to work. I can’t imagine working any other way.

What are you learning right now?

I entered the business in 2011, missing the disruption caused in the real estate market following the Great Financial Crisis. Over the last several years, and for the first time in my career, I have witnessed how a global pandemic and the macro-economic policies set by the Federal Reserve can impact my day-to-day work. I have an insatiable curiosity to learn, and there is no better time to learn than when you are experiencing historic moments.

What are some of your interests?

I’m extremely passionate about cigars, offshore fishing, and wine. My family is in the cigar business, so I have been in and around cigars most of my life, including working in a cigar factory at 16 years old. I was raised near the Galveston coast and spent much of my free time fishing inshore. In recent years, I’ve grown more passionate about offshore fishing. I’m fortunate because my wife enjoys fishing as much as I do. It usually results in vacations to coastal locales. Wine is a newer passion that I have grown to appreciate more in recent years. I’m the furthest thing from a sommelier; however, I find the process of making wine so complex and intriguing. Interestingly, all my passions share consistencies that translate to work and life. I’ve come to appreciate and practice that anything worth doing takes preparation, expertise, and time.

What is your best restaurant recommendation?

My wife and I have been having a lot of fun lately exploring the Bishop Arts District. There are so many hidden gems down there but a few of our recent favorites are Isla & Co and Written by the Seasons.

Where are your favorite places to travel?

Picking one location is tough, mainly because quality time is the love language I share with my wife. Oftentimes, in lieu of exchanging gifts, we chose to travel to a new place and create wonderful memories and experience something different together. It gives us something to reflect upon or look forward to. We highly recommend it!

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