COO Inspires New Generation Of CRE Talent As Part of Project Destined Summer Sponsorship

June 26 < 1

Blake Kendrick, Chief Operating Officer at Stream, recently spoke with a host of students participating in Project Destined’s summer 2023 program. The nonprofit’s executive speaker series, hosted by founder Cedric Bobo, is part of a nine-week, work-based training program for students interested in the commercial real estate industry. The platform offers various avenues to introduce diverse talent to market research, property analysis, asset valuation, and deal financing. Stream partnered with the social impact vehicle as part of the company’s ongoing environmental, social, and governance efforts to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in CRE.

Blake started his conversation by talking about how he got into brokerage, how Stream came into the picture for him, and how much the firm has grown since he joined. He then answered questions from students ranging from what Stream’s core values were and how they aligned with his and what makes Stream different from the investment aspect to how he would approach today’s economy as a new investor. He also provided a few nuggets about using windshield data vs. rearview mirror data and what spreadsheets really tell you.

Listen to the full conversation below.

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