HR Leader Shares Stream’s Vision At Future Of Work Forum

July 19 < 1

The City of Dallas, in conjunction with the Dallas Regional Chamber of Commerce and a Dallas business consulting partner, recently hosted a panel discussion on the “Future of Work.” Troy Duke, our Senior Vice President of Human Resources, was an invited panelist and shared with the audience Stream’s vision.

Some of Troy’s insights from the forum:

Tell me more about what we’re doing inside our culture and with benefits and strategies to attract and retain talent. What are you doing to do that?

How are you using the demographics in your organizations to help you think about that future-ready?

What’s one nugget that you believe will make an impact for the future-ready workforce?

For more information on the forum, visit the City of Dallas website.

Troy P. Duke serves as Senior Vice President of Human Resources and is responsible for leading and managing the strategic direction for human resources and payroll corporate-wide.

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