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November 01 3 min read

Stacye Wolfe is a Senior Project Manager on Stream’s Dallas Construction Management team. She aims to ensure work environments are efficient and comfortable by building spaces tenants can call home. Stacye has proven herself as a dedicated, high-performing employee—always on the cutting edge of project management.  

A Friendly Neighbor 

I’ve been at Stream for 14 years. While working for a private equity firm that officed in the same building as Stream, I quite literally bumped into an opportunity on the elevator. Chris Jackson, a broker at the time, was on the same elevator.  Chris’ wife and I went to high school and had continued to keep in touch as adults. After a short ‘catching up’, Chris gave me the office manager’s phone number and encouraged me to call, as Stream was always looking for good people.  I decided, in that moment, that I absolutely would take the opportunity. 

Print and File 

Originally slated for HR, the office manager informed me that Stream’s construction executive needed an assistant, and my decades-long background in operations, office management, and executive support would be a great fit. Walking into the Stream office on my first day, I couldn’t barely see my new boss’s desk under his stacks of papers. He never threw a single piece of paper away, and as emails were not a part of his workflow yet, he requested I print and file every email to ‘manage’ them. He would forward me emails all day that read ‘print and cubby’. Looking back, the single unifying thread throughout my career has been to drive efficiency by incorporating new technologies. Even just 14 years ago, computers, emails, and the internet were all developing tools, resulting in an inevitable and major transition of project management.  

A Place to Call Home 

I continued to manage these daily tasks until the economy crashed in 2008. Projects halted, and workflows shifted, but Stream was committed to keeping all its people employed. To diversify my work responsibilities, and continue to be an asset to the team, I took on any task that was offered. My team began handing me small construction management projects, moving a door, painting, or carpeting. Slowly the projects grew in scope and scale and ultimately, I was being assigned entire buildings and portfolios. I was thrilled and proud to have risen to the ranks of Construction Manager.  
Stream values honesty, loyalty, and hard work and has supported my career every step of the way. I reached my goal of becoming a Senior Project Manager this year, which has been most rewarding. I am thankful to have a team that recognizes and appreciates what I have to offer by providing me the opportunity to achieve my goals. 

“Those lucky enough to work with Stacye know she will go the extra mile to bring a project to completion. Her positive attitude and work ethic are infectious to those that work alongside her. She is an industry expert and loyal team member – making her an invaluable asset to Stream and her clients.”  
Steve Riordan, Senior Director of Construction Management 

My Recipe for Success 

While there are many ways to complete a job, I have found that resolve, fairness, hard work, and patience are necessary to succeed.  

  • Stubborn Resolve.  A significant component of my job is identifying problems and providing solutions. My determined personality plays into that, knowing I will find a solution–no matter how complex the problem may seem. 
  • Fairness. I work with many different people on the same project–the broker, the landlord, and the tenant. As such, I’ve learned to consider different perspectives so that a solution works for everyone. 
  • Hard Work. I have 40 projects rolling at any given time, with 30 or more questions in my inbox every morning, so hard work and deep commitment are essential to managing many varied projects. 
  • Patience. I work with many people and projects, and projects inevitably take twice as long, so patience is always a marathon I’m training for. 

Stacye’s Project Output 

Project output = 8 years x 75 projects annually = 600 projects with a value of 100 million dollars 

Home Away from Home 

I’m a creature of habit. After a long week at work, you’ll probably find me at Taverna or Toulouse. My Saturday routine is Pilates, then Brunch with girlfriends at one of the two. When clients suggest we do happy hour, those are the only places I recommend. I know what I like, so why try something different?  

Out of Office 

When it comes to travel, I am the complete opposite; I like to go everywhere. When I’m not in Dallas, I’m probably at my family’s Texas Hill Country ranch, where I’m working on designing and building a ranch house. I love to go down there with friends. If I am not in the Texas Hill Country, I am open to traveling most anywhere else. I just went to Costa Rica, Scottsdale, Arizona, New York City and Nantucket, and will be in Turks and Caicos next month. I want to see everything and go everywhere. 

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