Simon Arpiarian, Partner

October 02 2 min read

I joined Stream in late 2010. Directly prior to Stream, I worked on acquisition and asset management for an Atlanta based investment firm. Given the market conditions, I found myself spending a lot of time on loan workouts, which was interesting and educational, but not particularly fulfilling. I met Ben Hautt from Stream when he opened the Atlanta office. We talked about Stream’s platform which allows you to capitalize on the market intelligence gained through brokerage activities by acquiring real estate. At Stream, I get to be productive on the leasing side of the business while continuing to pursue acquisitions. That was the promise when I joined Stream, and within relatively short order that promise was fulfilled.

As I tell the people we are recruiting, all promises made to me by Stream have come true.

More about my history…

I attended Cornell, and then after graduation came back to Atlanta where I grew up. Atlanta is, and was, a rapidly growing city with a lot of opportunities. Unlike some major cities, Atlanta is less about tenure, and more of an entrepreneurial meritocracy.  I’ve worked in most facets of commercial real estate including a stint in management consulting.

I’m married to Felicia. Felicia and I met in 2000 in Atlanta and started dating in late 2001. We were married in 2006 and we have two sons, William who was born in 2011 and Edward who joined our family in 2013. Our weekends are spent hiking, doing outdoorsy boy stuff and playing with our 5 year old German shepherd, Klaus.

 Why I love it here…

I love working at Stream because I truly like the people who work here. We make it a point to hire good personalities, and we do a good job of that. As a result, we have a great work environment. I also love the entrepreneurial nature, the fact that we’re not placed in silos, and that we are able to exercise and leverage our skills and experience in whatever way is most productive personally and for Stream.

I love my job because I like that I can work on whatever I want to work on. Any person here can pick up a project or pursue a direction and nobody will stand in their way.