After Hours Podcast: CRE Leader Equates Property Management To Working At A Restaurant

August 14 < 1

Property management is much like working at a restaurant. That’s what Dallas Managing Director of Property Management Tiffany Marano explains to Dallas Property Manager Amanda Horstman during the latest episode of “After Hours” that has Amanda interviewing Tiffany throughout the 25-minute conversation. Tiffany has a menu of topics she shares with Amanda, including how she creates community within a team, who inspires her (hint: her parents, who owned a restaurant), how important it is to have a mentor in the commercial real estate industry, and advice for someone just breaking into the property management arena.

Tiffany stresses that the biggest investment someone can make is in themselves but notes how important it is to “take on everything” and master what you do at every level. That, she says, is how she has risen through the ranks over time. Tiffany, who moved to Texas from California, and Amanda, who moved from Minnesota to Texas, agree that the biggest challenge about relocating–and one of the biggest challenges about being a property manager in Texas–is the weather. The last few minutes of the broadcast take a lighter tone: what song gets them on the dance floor and what Tiffany does outside of work. Click on the video below to listen to the full podcast.

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