Austin’s RiverSouth Continues to Make Headlines for Smart Building

August 26 < 1

Stream is pleased to announce that RiverSouth, their iconic Austin development has garnered the reputation as the most intelligent building in Austin. Stream partnered with QuadReal, a global real estate investment group, to develop this Class A, 350,000-square-foot office building is set to deliver at the end of 2021. Stream’s Managing Director of Construction and Development, Eric Herron, was recently featured on a forum highlighting the buildings end to end connectivity.

“We’ve been operating buildings for hundreds of years, and we still don’t know what people do when they get past the door,” said Herron. “The data that’s RiverSouth will provide will help us understand how people move around the building, and use conference rooms and spaces. From an owner and manager perspective we are excited to use the data from this development to help us build better buildings in the future.”

The integrated technology of the building and the RiverSouth mobile app gives tenants a customizable experience and allows tenants to interact with the space in new ways. Cost effective tenant submetering saves energy and maximizes environmental performance. The buildings ingenious technology is carried out in every amenity of the building from conference room lighting and temperature settings that adjust depending on occupancy of the room to security sensors that detect tenants arrival and open garage gates.

Click here to watch the forum hosted by Realcomm, featuring Stream’s Eric Herron and QuadReal’s Senior Vice President Thano Lambrino, to learn more about this groundbreaking advancement for smart buildings.