Beyond the Bio with Blaire Hamilton, CPA

Dallas, TX
April 09 2 min read

Blaire Hamilton is the perfect example of an individual who has found their calling in accounting. After graduating with an accounting degree from Henderson State University, her affinity for numbers and mathematical intricacies was unmistakable. However, she initially grappled with pinpointing the ideal industry to channel her expertise. From the realms of manufacturing to the complexities of international drilling, she explored varied landscapes in search of her niche, with commercial real estate (CRE) proving to be the perfect fit. 

We sat down with Blaire to learn more about the motivations behind her passion for accounting and her profound affinity for the challenges inherent in CRE. 

How did you know accounting was the right career path for you? 

To be honest, my journey into accounting was entirely unexpected. I was initially a marketing major. After just one accounting course, I was hooked and changed majors immediately. The logic, the precision—it just clicked for me. Interestingly, my sister shares a similar trajectory; she’s also a CPA. We’re the outliers in our family, mainly comprised of sales professionals.  

What do you enjoy most about accounting? 

What’s not to love about accounting? It’s a never-ending puzzle I get to solve each day. As an accountant, you can delve into various industries, deciphering nuances and piecing together financial data. Every transaction has the potential to tell a story, one that you get to have a unique perspective on. Plus, the numbers don’t lie!  

With so many industries to choose from, why CRE? 

Commercial real estate is where my interest truly lies. Unlike other industries that often have a singular focus, CRE holds so much possibility. Whether delving into property development, navigating the complexities of brokerage, or managing the intricacies of construction, each facet of our business is different and presents a distinct challenge. As our business continues to grow, there’s always something new to explore. 

What advice would you provide to someone considering an accounting career? 

Embrace the journey and be open to new opportunities. Pursuing credentials like the CPA designation can be daunting, but the insights gained and the connections made are invaluable. Dive deep into your field, absorb knowledge from every corner, and take the time to learn from the people that surround you. Accounting offers stability and immense growth potential for those willing to put the time in, hone their craft, and invest in their skills. 

You started your CRE career at Stream, left, and then made your way back. What is it about Stream that made you decide to return? 

The answer to that is simple: it’s the culture. Stream is a nurturing environment where I am provided with the ability to make a difference, be innovative, and a team of supportive individuals to work alongside. What we have here is unique. And we’re growing. When I started in 2015, we had about 700 people. Now we’re past 1,400. It’s an exciting company to be a part of. I’m looking forward to all that’s to come!  

Favorite DFW hotspots: Martin House Brewery.
Other hobbies/interests: Yoga and all things Harry Potter.
Music and movie go-to’s: I love musicals, Taylor Swift, and I’ll take a good movie soundtrack any day of the week!
Favorite places to travel: My favorite places so far have been Puerto Rico and Alaska. 



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