From Brokering To Branding: Two CRE Experts Talk Purpose, Passions In After Hours Podcast

Southern California
April 14 < 1

When Chief Marketing Officer Susan Bloomfield sat down with Senior Associate Morgan Adams for the latest episode of “After Hours,” the two Southern California commercial real estate professionals talked about everything from brokering to branding. The chat has Susan interviewing Morgan on how she got into CRE–hint: another Adams at Stream had a considerable influence–how the young entrepreneur stays dialed into industry trends, and even how to deal with rejection. They also reflect on being women in a male-dominated industry and share advice for anyone interested in entering the profession.

Susan shares with Morgan the importance of branding herself, something the marketing veteran has had to focus on during her tenured career. The conversation includes how Morgan creates experiences for her clients when they visit a building and what a perfect tour includes. She also spills a not-so-secret “secret” now about a “Tuesday Tours” project that involves an individual influencer she calls out a few times throughout the 30-minute talk.

Click on the video below to listen to the full podcast.


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