Justin Robinson, Managing Director & Partner

November 13 2 min read

I currently serve JustinRobinsonCS-0075-43Cas Managing Director and Partner in Stream’s Houston office. I joined Stream in May of 2006. Prior to joining Stream, I was in sales for the Campbell Soup Company and Pearson. I had incredible training and enjoyed both sales roles but lost passion for that business after completing a couple of residential investments as a side business and hobby. I quickly learned that it was hard to leverage and scale the residential investment business so I decided to intern (for free) with Fischer & Company, a Dallas-based commercial real estate firm focused on industrial tenant representation. During that experience I became hooked on commercial real estate and knew it was my calling. While with Fischer & Company, I interviewed with Stream and was planning to take a job in the Dallas market given the opportunity. Near the end of the interview process, Kyle Valentine threw me a curve ball and asked if I would be interested in taking on the challenge of moving to Houston to assist with opening a new Stream office. I immediately said “yes” and that has proven to be the best decision of my career.

More about my history…

I was born in Bryan, TX, was raised in Grapevine, TX and went to Texas A&M University. I met my wife Shannon in 1998 in a business class at A&M. We didn’t date then but would often cross paths and had mutual friends who overlapped both of our circles. Fast forward 10 years and we were reunited at a mutual friend’s wedding in Houston and the rest of history. We got married in 2009 and do not have kids yet but have two dogs – Avery, a 15 year old Weimeraner and Stanley, a 5 year old Lab/Weimeraner mix who we rescued as a puppy. We spend most of our weekends and time off on the San Bernard River about an hour south of Houston or traveling – always up for a good adventure.

 Why I love it here…

I love working at Stream because it is a true meritocracy and if you work hard and smart, you will be rewarded. Stream’s culture and entrepreneurial spirit make it a great place to work. We’re definitely competitive externally, but internally we help each other succeed and celebrate each others successes.

I love my job because it aligns well with my strengths. Every day is fun, challenging, and demanding and I wouldn’t have it any other way.