Marissa Parkin: 365 Days of Honing Business Development Skills and Taking Ownership of Her Portfolio

August 26 3 min read

One team, one goal­–that’s what Stream Realty Partners’ Marissa Parkin and the Dallas office leasing team are always working toward. The dynamic team recently came under the co-leadership of Rhett Miller and Matt Wieser—a powerhouse duo focused on the future of real estate and their team. Marissa, a Senior Associate, reflects on her experience this past year, as well as some unexpected accomplishments. 

Business Development

I am proud to say that throughout my year at Stream, I have pitched new business, won business, repositioned assets, and broken ground on a new construction project. Looking back, I’m most proud of the business development skills I’ve sharpened. I came from a local Dallas real estate firm where I had a fixed portfolio. So, winning business was unfamiliar territory to me. This past year, as I continued to gain experience by working with the team day-in and day-out, I learned from Matt and Rhett’s enthusiasm and thoughtful process when assisting clients. Leadership has generously shared their organized and persistent approach to business development with me and the team­–eager to provide all the tools and resources needed to succeed. In reference to Marissa’s contribution to the team, Matt said.

“Marissa’s hustle, tenacity, and professionalism have licensed her immense success over the past year. Her passion and pride for the business result in successful outcomes for our clients and partners.  She has been instrumental in helping us win new business and we are excited to see her growth in the years to come. She’s a great asset to the team!” 

Owning Dallas

I have found it very satisfying to see how the projects we work on tangibly impact Dallas and the people that operate in and around these buildings daily. I have a focus on Uptown assets, which is also where I have lived for the past decade. Living and working in the same submarket of Dallas has spurred my real estate interest even further; contributing to the significant ownership I take of our assets, clients, and our city. I am very proud of the building portfolio that I manage and get to build, and I couldn’t be more confident or excited to get to represent each client. Part of what makes it satisfying is finally coming to a solution or agreement after much problem-solving. When you are in the trenches, problem-solving with your head down, it is nice to know that leadership is in our corner always there to push you forward and provide insight on complex solutions.

“I am very proud of the building portfolio that I manage and get to build. I couldn’t be more confident or excited to represent each client. Part of what makes it satisfying is finally coming to a solution or agreement after much problem-solving.” – Marissa Parkin

Team Mentality

I’m excited for the future of the team. The team promotes a very forward-thinking approach to business, and every team member plays an integral part. It’s encouraging to be empowered to take ownership and cultivate client relationships and business development on the ground level. It’s also exciting to be a part of a team that advocates, trusts, and respects one another. The team spirit is unmatched, questions are welcomed and thoroughly answered, and a win for one is a win for all. We sit in an open bullpen, so it’s helpful to know what each team member is working on and learn by osmosis. We know one another’s strengths and strategically leverage them on each project. I’m happy to work alongside each of them and see hard work pay dividends. 

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Marissa Parkin is a Senior Associate on the Office Leasing team in Dallas. She is responsible for expanding Stream’s client portfolio, as well as strategically marketing and proactively leasing office properties. Prior to joining Stream, Marissa worked for Crescent Real Estate and spent time in sales and account management in the luxury retail industry. Marissa grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. She attended Texas Christian University and is proud to now call Texas home.

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