Patrick Cruz: Finding Learning Opportunities to Expedite His Career Over the Past 365 Days

Dallas, Texas
August 30 3 min read

One team, one goal—that’s what Stream Realty PartnersPatrick Cruz and the Dallas office leasing team are always working towards. The team recently came under the co-leadership of Rhett Miller and Matt Wieser; a powerhouse duo focused on the future of real estate and their team. Patrick, an Associate on the team, reflects on his first year in the commercial real estate world and the many ways he’s learned the industry.

A Different Shop

I came to Stream right after I graduated from Baylor University. I had different real estate internships each summer of college, and after one interview with Stream, I knew it was different – I could tell that it was a great place to start building a career. Stream is very flat, and the Dallas office leasing team is no exception; the team works well together, and everyone is eager to share their knowledge. In reference to Patrick’s approach to work, Rhett said.

“The Stream platform and culture challenges young talent to think outside the box to create value for their clients and themselves. Patrick’s approach to his business has allowed him to take full advantage of his skill set and those of his teammates to kick up exciting opportunities for the team.”

Best Young Professional Advice

Not long after joining the team, Matt encouraged me to make myself invaluable by taking the initiative and thinking five steps ahead. I learned to critically assess how I could assist the different teams on each project, and adapt where I focus my attention on a project-by-project basis. Hard work wasn’t a strange concept to me. My family moved from Monterrey, Mexico when I was a kid, and I watched my parents work hard to build a life for our family, so taking the initiative and working hard was an example already set for me. I’m pleased to say that this mentality has brought a lot of great learning opportunities that make me a stronger professional. Over the past year, I was able to help win half a million square feet of new buildings from old and new clients. I’m thankful for the team’s willingness to trust me with significant projects, and I’m proud to bring my family’s values and legacy of hard work to my professional career.

Lean Into Curiosity

Sitting in an open bullpen and hearing what each team member is working on daily provides many opportunities to learn quickly. The whole team contributes to cultivating an amicable environment and empowers young professionals like me to ask questions. Leadership often advises us to lean into our passions and be curious–finding ways to learn more and get involved if something sparks our interest. Recently, I got to help win an assignment with a client that we’ve previously had a lot of successes with. Though there was only one other broker on the pursuit with me, the whole team was able to jump in. Their resources and advice were so helpful, and opened up a whole world of insight to me. That project really made me aware of the value of understanding a building, submarket, and client from multiple perspectives.

“I’m thankful for the team’s willingness to trust me with significant projects, and I’m proud to bring my family’s values and legacy of hard work to my professional career.” – Patrick Cruz

Working with this team has been the best way to grow professionally. They are knowledgeable, encouraging, and eager to share their success with the team. I see great promise under Rhett and Matt’s leadership, which is also fun and exciting.

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Patrick Cruz is an Associate on the Office Leasing team in Dallas. He focuses on identifying strategic opportunities for the firm and its clients, and marketing and leasing commercial office properties. He was born in Monterrey, Mexico, and grew up in Houston, Texas. He is a proud alumni of Baylor University.

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