NAIOP CRE.Converge 2020 Conversation Corner with Martin Pupil Recap

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On Thursday, October 8th Stream Realty Partners’ Executive Managing Director, Martin Pupil, led a Conversation Corner at NAIOP’s CRE. Converge Virtual Convention discussing Agility in CRE: What Does it Mean and Why is it Critical?

In his presentation, Martin gave an overview of business agility stating that a business that “adapts and leads change with productivity, cost-effectiveness and no loss of quality” is just one trait of an agile business. The discussion continued with the impacts of globalization and technology on businesses. Martin Pupil stated that “globalization and technology has increased the speed of innovation and insight, creating hyper-responsiveness and competitiveness in every business”.

After discussing business agility in general terms, Martin went on to discuss “why should CRE be adopting and taking seriously, true agility in its own organization?”. Below are the items to consider:

  • Mirror the ways in which our clients are operating
  • Stay relevant, competitive and intimately understand how real estate needs will continue to evolve—beyond what we understand with current workplace strategies
  • Be able to pivot and adapt new conditions with ease
  • Create greater scalability, efficiencies and solutioning

The presentation concluded with a list of key attributes for transformational agility:

  • Organizational purpose is clear and compelling
  • Leaders act in a selfless and supportive way
  • People/teams have a deep sense of fulfillment and achievement
  • People/teams have an appropriate amount of autonomy
  • Total honesty and transparency in daily activities
  • New ideas are quickly adapted if appropriate, or discontinued if not
  • Growth mindset and strong commitment to organizational learning

Stream Realty Partners and Martin Pupil thank everyone who joined and contributed to this years’ Conversation Corner and we look forward to seeing you all next year!