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Preston Young, Adam Showalter & Jay Baer discuss X2 and the impact of the workplace experience in CRE

March 14 < 1

On the heels of last year’s podcast with customer experience expert and influencer Jay Baer, Stream’s National Head of Investor Services Preston Young and Managing Director of National Office Investor Services Adam Showalter continued the conversation around X2, Stream’s elevated hospitality-inspired offering, and the impact of the customer experience in today’s CRE office environment.  

 Topics discussed include: 

  • how the idea for X2 originated 
  • how workplace experience trends have evolved significantly since the pandemic and why the need for X2 is so critical 
  • resetting the customer relationship by putting them at the center of the value creation strategy 
  • shifting the traditional property management team structure to focus on the customer experience (beyond tenant relations) 
  • the importance of a survey system to measure tenant feedback and drive results at properties that have implemented X2 


Crafted to enliven the senses and cultivate deeper fulfillment and meaning, X2 takes Stream’s elevated property management platformto a heightened arena, where property management, interwoven with hospitality-infused service and exceptional skill, delivers uniquely extraordinary and incredibly profound workplace experiences. 

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