What You Don’t Know About Michael McVean and Lee Belland

October 06 2 min read

Lee’s Title & Company: Co-founder and co-managing partner; Stream Realty Partners

What that means: I was either the first or the second one through the door.

Memorable project: The last one.

What you’re known for: Prematurely grey hair. (I say it’s premature.)

Hometown: Mound, Minn.

Currently live: Dallas.

Why DFW? Great place to raise a family and work.

Schools: Oberlin College; Harvard Business School.

First job out of college: Installing and repairing underground sprinkler systems.

Person (living or dead) to meet: My grandfather.

Greatest fear: Mosquitoes.

Favorite music group/song: Alex Belland (my daughter).

Favorite restaurants: El Fenix for lunch and many dinner spots.

Bucket list: Augusta National.

Family facts: My grandfather changed our family name from Bjelland to Belland so as to not sound Norwegian when he immigrated to Minnesota.

Hobbies: Golf and back-country skiing.

Startling fact: My legal name is Leon.

What’s up with the bobblehead picture: Our marketing department thought it would be fun to immortalize us in bobblehead form. Each of our offices across the country has one that passes from desk to desk. We’ve heard that our bobbleheads attend many happy hours and team-building events.

Co-founders Lee Balland (left) & Mike McVean (right)
Co-founders Lee Balland (left) & Mike McVean (right)

Michael’s Title & Company: Co-managing partner; Stream Realty Partners

What that means: Lee and I were the first two in the door.

Memorable project: Way too many.

What you’re known for: Not being a suit.

Hometown: Amarillo.

Currently live: Flower Mound.

Why DFW? All my buddies from college came here, wanted to keep the fun going.

Schools: Texas Tech University undergrad; MBA at Penn State University.

First job out of college: InterFirst Bank-Credit Analyst.

Job in another life: Engineer.

Person (living or dead) to meet: I’d call Jimmy Buffett and let him do the invite. But I’d probably lobby for Ronald Reagan.

Greatest fear: That I have no fears.

Daily habit: I might be known to dip Copenhagen.

Favorite music group/song: Too numerous to list but Steve Earle would be a good start.

Favorite book: Any biography or autobiography. The last one read was The Heroin Diaries about Nikki Sixx. Fascinating.

Favorite movie: Caddyshack, duh!

Favorite restaurants: Waffle House, pdm Café, La Cocina de Luz

Family facts: I have two children, both boys. They both went to the same college as me and are in the same fraternity as I was.

Hobbies: Flying, boating, fishing, camping, running, biking, skiing. Anything with an “ing” in it.

Startling fact: I worked at McDonald’s for 10 years.