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Women in Commercial Real Estate, Featuring Carolyn Shaw of Stream San Antonio

September 11 < 1

When people think about different types of commercial real estate, they typically think about shopping centers, office buildings or warehouses. The commercial real estate industry includes much more — all kinds of industrial spaces for manufacturing and producing goods, multifamily homes, hotels, land, even special purpose real estate for facilities like churches or nursing homes.

A commercial real estate firm advises both investors and companies how to select properties for investment or development and how to negotiate lease agreements that will attract and keep tenants, all while sharing insights on the latest trends in commercial spaces. The specialized knowledge of a commercial real estate company is helpful, as the rules and regulations governing such property vary by state, county, municipality, industry, even by the size of the commercial development. With growing industry sectors in San Antonio, businesses need space to expand operations — space a commercial real estate specialist can find or develop.

These four women shared their insights into commercial real estate trends and talked about why they are optimistic about the future of their industry in San Antonio.



Source: San Antonio Woman
Photo Credit:  David Teran Photography