Rob Lowe Named to Nashville Business Journal’s 2021 Power 100 List

November 24 < 1

When Rob Lowe joined Stream Realty Partners in March 2021, he already was a big deal in Nashville’s commercial real estate market. He had just been awarded the role of lead broker for Beaman Automotive’s nearly 18 acres in Midtown – property that holds enormous potential for expansive high-density real estate projects in Music City U.S.A. Now, Lowe has one more big “deal” to add to his portfolio: being named a “Dealmaker” on Nashville Business Journal’s 2021 Power 100 list.

It’s not the first time he’s been honored by this premiere provider of local business news. This is his ninth mention as a power leader – someone who is “prolific, driving the biggest deals in town, whether it’s a new project, new initiatives, or new city policies,” according to the publication.

“I’ve long respected the others named on the list, so I consider it an honor to be included,” Lowe said.

The Nashville native knows the city well – and that helped propel him to the Executive Managing Director and Partner position at our 13th office. He’s previously secured AllianceBernstein for Brookfield Properties’ Fifth & Broadway development 501 Commerce and led the purchase and 100 percent lease-up efforts of Commerce Center East, Fourth & Church, and Lyft’s regional headquarters in downtown Nashville.

“Nashville is hitting on all cylinders, so it’s hard to pick just one micro-market” where there’s potential to tap into, Lowe said. “With that said, I can feel the acceleration of capital investment within the Interstate 440 loop.”

So where does he make all his deals when he’s not in the office or at home? “I like meetings over brews, breakfast (coffee), or happy hour (pilsner),” he said.

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