Jeff Rein Talks About Fort Worth and Business Essentials

October 02 3 min read

Jeff Rein is an industrial real estate expert specializing in the Fort Worth market. With deep roots and relationships in the city, Jeff is committed to taking Stream’s Fort Worth real estate services to the next level and making the city home. He embraces Fort Worth’s close-knit community environment, knowing it’s a great place to grow professionally and personally with his wife and two small children.  

Fort Worth Community Environment 

I grew up outside Fort Worth, earned my degree from Texas A&M University, and worked on the Hill in Washington, D.C., for the first five years of my career. I met my wife there, and we moved back to Texas to start our family. We both knew we wanted to settle in Fort Worth; there’s something special about the community. We love the laidback culture; the city has become a cultural hub with great restaurants, attractions, and events, which we take full advantage of with friends and family. I thrive in intimate environments and love that I get to do my job in one of the country’s fastest-growing cities that also operates as a close-knit community.  

Fort Worth has been blessed with forward-thinking leadership and engaged stakeholders, for the industrial sector Fort Worth offers unrivaled access infrastructure amenities in addition to the other factors that make North Texas such an ideal location to grow a business. It’s essential for me to operate where the assets I lease are located. That way I can keep a pulse on the city. I comprehensively understand each asset, tenant, lease signed, and development in Fort Worth. Thoroughly grasping the market allows me to make sound recommendations for my clients. It’s an exciting time in Fort Worth, the United States Census Bureau named Fort Worth the fastest-growing city in the U.S. which continues to have a tremendous impact on our sector. I love that I get to do my job in such an active market.  

Success Essentials – a Team and Mentors 

I quantify success as helping a client reach their goal. I have learned that regardless of how hard I work, knowledgeable mentors and teammates are essential to success. Seth Koschak has been an incredible mentor to me, teaching and modeling much of what I am working towards as a professional. Additionally, Forrest Cook is a great business partner; we balance each other strengths, which allows us to accomplish a lot together. Our team is building a second-to-none industrial platform encompassing Capital Markets, Leasing, and Development. Stream’s full-service platform allows me to foster relationships within the organization with experts from every business unit who are eager to help with any client inquiry. Providing the most accurate, in-depth data in the market is a major focus for us, as well as paying it forward and mentoring younger team members. For me, mentoring ties into my definition of success. We are all one team, so if I can help a younger colleague and they can use my recommendation to help one of their clients, I count it a success story for the team. 

What I’d Tell My Younger Self 

Build relationships and clearly communicate. I get to work with local and institutional landlords, these relationships are one of the elements I enjoy most in my career, and they are vital in this business. Many of my local clients have become friends with me and my wife. Our team makes a thoughtful effort to build relationships that extend beyond the project or deal level. Many of our clients do not office in Fort Worth, I have found that making a point to be present, whether it mean traveling for meetings or crisscrossing the metroplex for lunch and happy hour has allowed us to maintain great relationships.  

I share a lot of big news daily; sometimes, it’s good and sometimes bad. But if I have an existing foundation of trust and mutual respect, the good news is much more rewarding to share, and the bad news is more well received. Because of our close relationship, we can discuss complex topics easily. This starts with clearly communicating on the front end. With every client, I let them know anytime something changes in the market, how the change will affect them, and my recommendation to navigate the situation. Setting this pattern allows them to ask questions and be confident that I am handling their asset or lease with their best interest in mind.   

Quick Questions with Jeff 

  • What is your favorite thing about Fort Worth? The community – it’s a well-established and friendly city where people know their neighbors and care for each other.
  • How many square feet have you transacted upon? I have closed about ten million square feet valued at well over half a billion since entering the business in 2017.
  • What do you do when you’re not at the office? I have two young children who take up most of my time. We love to go to the Fort Worth Zoo, the park, or to the lake for a long weekend.
  • What are three words that describe you? Intuitive, Optimist, and Entrepreneurial. 

At Stream, we know our success begins and ends with our people, which is why we continue to attract and retain the industry’s best. Learn more about taking your career to new heights with Stream.  

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