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Jessica O’Hara November 05 < 1

Over the last eight months, we have been asked to share our view of COVID-19 and its implications on the market. In Live Streaming Chicago Part 1, my partner Adam Showalter discussed the future office, suburbanization, the comeback of the private office and new ways to collaborate in a post-COVID world.

In Live Streaming Part 3, my partner Patrick Russo discussed his thoughts on work from home productivity, the rise of the neighborhood office, the sublease title wave and flexible office solutions.

Now in Live Streaming Part 5, I’ll share my thoughts on urbanization, the so-called “mass exodus” to the suburbs and the power of the city.

Please know, the intent of this series is not to provide complete or authoritative answers, rather it is to share our opinions, based on experience and what we believe might happen.

Hopefully, none of us will experience anything like a global pandemic again, but we believe what we experience will make us better professionals—and more importantly, better human beings.

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