Our Commercial Real Estate Firm Creates An Upside In An Economic Downturn

April 20 3 min read

Every day brings new insights and fresh predictions on how the commercial real estate industry will be affected by rising interest rates and bank instability. Some economic experts suggest a mild recession is coming; others indicate a situation far worse. Fluctuations happen. But when investments in talent and resources fluctuate with economic cycles, it impacts the success of client outcomes.

Stream Realty Partners can realize opportunity in any market cycle­. That’s why we are doubling down on our investments in platform and people­–keeping our clients ahead of challenges and in front of opportunity.

Elevated Offerings, Elevated Value

Experience-Driven Property Management: With a profound sense of purpose and building on our strong customer-centric foundation, we developed Legendary CX, our elevated property management offering that delivers a distinctive customer experience through a hospitality-driven service delivery model for our managed assets. This distinction will drive greater tenant retention and fortify the brands of those assets in our focused care. Read more.

Strategic Marketing: When it comes to creating value for our clients and their assets, we are never complacent. Today, more than ever, powerful and strategic marketing is required to attract attention, engage prospects, generate momentum, and create perceptions that drive asset value. Our marketing professionals are the best in their field, deploying innovative marketing strategies and leading targeting technologies that leverage AI and influencer marketing. That rapidly furthers reach and generates interest that converts. Read more.

Actionable Research: We continue to invest in forward-looking market research expertise and technologies that help our clients can make quicker decisions with greater confidence. Our research starts with our transaction specialist teams that understand the ever-changing dynamics within their market. This real-time, bottom-up approach provides a level of insight that is objective and actionable. Our deep bench, combined with this unique perspective, uncovers opportunities and identifies the critical action steps for anticipating those emerging trends.

Our most recent new hire in research is Thomas Galvin, resident economist and research director for the Southwest Region. Thomas’ passion is converting data into trends and trends into insights and action. His focus on macroeconomics is viewed through a unique lens that moves between local and global implications. Follow Stream on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for some of his latest pieces which include:

  • Why Are There So Many Banks? Get a brief history of banking and bank panics in the United States and see how banking is different from every other business. Read more.
  • What The Silicon Valley Bank Failure Really Means. Get an informal examination of how the SVB run started, how FDIC insurance works, and some unseen knock-on effects to look for. Read more.
  • How Interest Rates Impact Asset Prices. As the Federal Reserve has eased its rate hiking cycle, there is still more to be done before interest rates exceed the rate of inflation. Read more.

Recruiting High-Caliber Professionals  

While many CRE firms are reducing headcount, our hiring momentum has increased as we expand our platform across services and functions with top-tier talent. In the last nine months, some of our recruits from large firms include:

  • A team of five, including Executive Managing Director and Partner Greg Katz, to expand into South Florida, one of commercial real estate’s hottest markets.
  • Two seasoned Managing Directors (Phil Geiger and Jordan Decker) to bolster our Chicago office tenant representation team.
  • A 30-year veteran (Steve Thomas) to manage San Antonio’s office occupier services.
  • Two Managing Directors (Robby Davis and Stewart Lyman) to lead Nashville’s office division
  • Multiple Senior Vice Presidents and Vice Presidents in Nashville (Maddison Sickels and Griffin Farriss for office leasing) and Austin (Hunter Alexander for office tenant representation and Nathan Thornhill for industrial leasing) to bolster our workforce and presence in those markets.

From hiring and training the right people for the right roles to cultivating our distinct culture, we ensure our clients have access to the expertise and experience needed to keep them in a position of strength.

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