Remix Your Career by Leveraging Your Experience – Part III

San Antonio
May 16 2 min read

Changing careers can be exciting, but what if your skills and experience don’t perfectly match the job description? You should pursue new challenges, and if you confidently market yourself and your transferable skills, you will stand out from the crowd.

Insights and Advice from Three Professionals New to Commercial Real Estate

In the final installment of this three-part series, Scott Ferguson, Vice President, San Antonio, shares his advice on amplifying your existing skills during a career change.

Scott Ferguson, Vice President, San Antonio Previous Industry/Role: Politics

Stream’s Scott Ferguson cites being “a professional” as the biggest skill he gained serving as an aide on Capitol Hill for more than six years. Scott’s days ranged from meeting with Bill Gates or Buzz Aldrin and then meeting with a family on SNAP (Food stamps) who was struggling to get by each month. Scott knows that in politics, learning to communicate, and assimilate with people from all backgrounds and experiences is vital. Scott believes there are similarities in CRE: being nimble on your feet, having empathy to understand people’s—or business’s—issues and address them in a way that makes that other party feel understood.

Scott’s top three must-have skills for aspiring CRE recruits:

  1. Highly effective communication – both written and oral
  2. Logical and reason driven thought process
  3. Charisma

If you found Scott’s insights useful, check out advice from two more of Stream’s recent recruits: Paige Korte shares her career playbook (great tips on how to get ahead in any industry), and Myles McDevitt presents his take on flexibility and innovation in the workplace.

Stream recruits professionals from inside and outside the CRE industry because there is great value in diversity of thought and experience.  Remember, when changing careers, you have more to offer than just technical skills.

Stream is continually seeking the best and brightest talent. Contact us to find how Stream can take you—and your transferable skills—the distance in your career.

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