Remix Your Career by Leveraging Your Experience – Part I

April 28 2 min read

Changing careers can be exciting, but what if your skills and experience don’t perfectly match the job description? You should pursue new challenges, and if you confidently market yourself and your transferable skills, you will stand out from the crowd.

In his book, Do Over: Rescue Monday, Reinvent Your Work, and Never Get Stuck, career chameleon Jon Acuff spotlights skills, relationships, character, and hustle. He insists on authenticity and a growth mindset in these areas (referring to them as a Career Savings Account), to either develop in your career or to find a new one.

Insights and Advice from Three Professionals New to Commercial Real Estate

Stream has hired 347 real estate professionals over the last 12 months, including many who previously worked outside of commercial real estate (CRE). In this three-part series, recent recruits share advice on amplifying your existing skills to evolve your career.

Myles McDevitt, Senior Associate, Atlanta Previous Industry/Role: Sales, Wine & Spirits, United Distributors

Stream’s Myles McDevitt was the manager of a sales team for a spirits distributor before moving into CRE. Working more than six years as a distributor helped Myles to understand client needs and tailor unique solutions. In the CRE industry, no two transactions are the same, so the flexibility and problem-solving skills developed earlier in his career are invaluable in his new role.

For Myles, the Stream Atlanta office was a great entry point into the CRE industry, allowing him to build his book of business, with the support of what he describes as “a team of incredibly smart, driven people who are willing to guide me through the process.”

If you found Myles’ insights useful, check out advice from two more of Stream’s recent recruits: Paige Korte shares her career playbook including great tips on how to get ahead in any industry, and Scott Ferguson presents three “must have” skills, perfected in the world of politics and equally transferrable for success in CRE.

Stream recruits professionals from inside and outside the CRE industry because there is great value in diversity of thought and experience.

Stream is continually seeking the best and brightest talent. Contact us to find how Stream can take you—and your transferable skills—the distance in your career.

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