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July 20 2 min read

Changing careers can be exciting, but what if your skills and experience don’t perfectly match the job description? Pursue the job anyway!

In his book, Do Over: Rescue Monday, Reinvent Your Work, and Never Get Stuck, career chameleon Jon Acuff spotlights skills, relationships, character, and hustle. He insists on authenticity and a growth mindset in these areas (referring to them as a Career Savings Account) to either develop your career or find a new one.

When searching for a job in a new industry, technical skills aren’t the only skills that matter. Softer skills, such as problem-solving, client relations, and communication, are transferable and integral to success—which is why Stream considers candidates outside of commercial real estate (CRE) when seeking the best and the brightest.

“We recruit professionals from inside and outside CRE because there is great value in diversity of thought and experience,” said Molly Robottom, VP of Recruiting at Stream.

Over the last 12 months, Stream has hired over 347 new employees—many new to CRE. Learn how Stream’s recent recruits amplified their existing skills to evolve their CRE career and how you can, too!

Insights from Three Professionals New to Commercial Real Estate

Stream’s Myles McDevitt was the manager of a sales team for a spirits distributor before moving into CRE. The role required Myles to understand client needs and tailor unique solutions. “No two transactions are the same in CRE,” said Myles. “So, the flexibility and problem-solving skills developed earlier in my career are invaluable in my new role.”

For Myles, the Stream Atlanta office was a great entry point, allowing him to build his book of business with the support of what he describes as “a team of incredibly smart, driven people who are willing to guide me through the process.”

Before working in CRE, Paige Korte was a broker at C.H. Robinson—one of the largest logistics firms in the world. Working on the customer side of sales and business development, Paige would pitch the firm’s value and services by identifying client pain points–a tactic she’s using with CRE.

According to Paige, keeping up to date on events affecting the industry, researching prospects, and follow-up are all skills she learned while working in logistics, making her transition into CRE seamless.

Stream’s Scott Ferguson cites being “a professional” as the most significant skill he gained after serving as an aide on Capitol Hill. His days ranged from meeting with Bill Gates or Buzz Aldrin to discussing SNAP benefits with families struggling to get by.

Communicating and assimilating with people from all backgrounds and experiences are vital in politics and CRE. “Everyone wants to feel understood,” said Scott. “Empathy for issues a person or business are facing while finding solutions is key.”

Exceptional Talent. Tremendous Energy.

At Stream, we realize that our success begins and ends with our people. As a result, we work hard to attract and retain top talent. We are consistently recognized as one of the “Best Places to Work” nationwide, offering competitive pay, comprehensive benefits, and an unmatched culture.

Are you interested in making a change? We are seeking the best and brightest talent. Contact us today find out how Stream can take your career to the next level.

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Vice President of Recruiting

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