Stream: Cultivating Talent, Fostering Innovation, and Nurturing Success

June 20 3 min read

In the dynamic world of commercial real estate, success isn’t merely about closing deals; it’s about nurturing collaboration, fostering relationships, and confronting challenges head-on. Derek’s journey with Stream embodies this philosophy, encapsulating the company’s unique approach to business and core values that consistently set Stream apart.  

Derek graduated with a degree in computer programming and worked as a consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers. It became clear that technology was not his passion, and he knew a change was in order. That was when the world of CRE caught his eye. “I was young, competitive, knew I wanted to be in a more ‘eat what you kill’ business, and probably a bit naïve,” reflects Derek.  

He started as an analyst at CB Richard Ellis and transitioned into brokerage, moving to Endeavor as a leasing agent one week before September 11th, 2001.  Although it was trying time to be 100% commission, the tough market provided invaluable learning opportunities that propelled his career. In just five years, Derek became the head of Endeavor’s office leasing group. 

It was then that Derek connected with Allan Young, Executive Managing Director and Partner for Stream San Antonio, cold calling him to explain why he should hire Derek and his team to lease a building in Austin, where Stream had no presence. The conversation took an unexpected turn, though, when Allan asked Derek if he’d be interested in opening an office for Stream, leading Stream’s expansion into the Austin market. 

Risk-averse, with a “nothing to lose” mentality, Derek was all in. It was a bold move. “Honestly, it wasn’t necessarily some grand, thought-out plan. I simply thought, why not me?” 

Embracing opportunity.  

Derek’s vision wasn’t solely about establishing a presence in Austin; it was about creating something meaningful with a platform set up to do big things outside of just Texas. “There was something special in the atmosphere. It’s as if we all knew we were building something different and were genuinely excited about it–challenges and all,” recalls Derek. 

Today, Stream boasts 1400+ real estate professionals, covering some of the most active markets coast to coast.  

Drawing on his proven track record and hands-on experience in pioneering prosperous new markets, Derek assumed the position of Head of New Markets & Partner at Stream in 2020, a role that still generates excitement. “In an industry where our competitors are cutting resources, we are uniquely set up to provide our clients and teams with an advantage,” says Derek. “Talent is efficient and always gravitates to the best opportunities.  That is Stream, and it’s a fun place to be right now.”  

Exploring new frontiers.  

In the last several years, amid market turmoil, Stream has brought on three new markets, including Nashville, Phoenix, and South Florida. Yet, growth isn’t Stream’s primary driver. “We want to be the very best in the markets and lines that we offer, which is why we invest heavily in our new markets and talent,” notes Derek. “We aren’t just signing people on and then leaving them to figure it out– that’s not a formula for success.” 

Yet, Stream does continue to grow, even in an uncertain economy, a phenomenon Derek attributes entirely to the company’s distinct culture.  

“It all boils down to our people. When introducing new markets, we handpick individuals like Greg Katz, Tiffany Winne, and Rob Lowe, knowing they’ll seamlessly integrate into our culture and share our deep commitment to clients and teams,” says Derek. “As we enter new markets, we want to ensure we’re continuing to provide value for our clients; we’re not interested in simply checking dots off on a map.”  

As Stream increases its footprint and influence, Derek’s unwavering commitment to excellence serves as a guiding beacon for the entire organization. With Stream, it’s not just about navigating uncharted territories; it’s about actively shaping the future of commercial real estate, one visionary stride at a time. 

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