X2 Amplifies Stream’s Hospitality-Infused Property Management Experience At CRE Assets

Adam Showalter May 23 < 1

Experiences are what motivate us, unique in their ability to awaken and inspire, creating a deep sense of value and purpose, and an elevated sense of being. What we sense and feel, and the connections we make, are all fueled by experiences, with extraordinary experiences propelling us forward, empowering us to achieve the unimaginable, without limits or bounds.

Introducing X2.

Crafted to enliven the senses and cultivate deeper fulfillment and meaning, X2 takes our elevated property management platform to a heightened arena, where property management, interwoven with hospitality-infused service and exceptional skill, delivers uniquely extraordinary and incredibly profound workplace experiences.

With a tenacious focus, X2 amplifies engagement, loyalty, and emotional well-being through distinct, personal, and sincere experiences that place the customer at the heart of an asset—maximizing value, appeal, and retention in a market that commands the best.

  • Robust tenant engagement and programming
  • Vertically integrated amenity management
  • Proprietary customer XM operating system and tenant experience app
  • Inclusive sales processes for PM, leasing, and customer experience teams
  • Onsite Customer Experience Manager, supported by an extensively trained, vetted, and highly qualified team

By delivering extraordinary experiences that permeate every interaction, X2 transforms an asset from being one-of-many to one-of-a-kind.

Adam Showalter, our Managing Director of National Office Investor Services, has been instrumental in the development and launch of X2. He recently sat down with Jay Baer, a customer experience strategist, researcher, and author to talk about X2. Listen to their discussion here:

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