After Hours Podcast: Trends Driving Office Occupancy

July 01 < 1

We’re excited to release our latest “After Hours” podcast episode, Trends Driving Office Occupancy, with host Malik Leaphart from Stream Atlanta, and guests Jordan Decker and Adrian Boone, tenant representation brokers from our Stream Chicago team. As Stream’s second season of our podcast series continues, this episode brings multiple trends to light in the ever-evolving workplace landscape, as tenant demands shift and landlords pivot to meet wellness, collaboration and experiential expectations.   

Jordan and Adrian share their input from a tenant rep perspective, expanding upon what they’re seeing on a regular basis from office users seeking space in Chicago and beyond, including what neighborhoods are coming in hot, the latest and greatest rental rates and concession packages, and what the “must-have” amenities are in order for properties to compete in the market. The three brokers also dish on favorite foodie spots, the best pizza in Chicago, and what their walk-up song would be. Definitely a “can’t miss” episode! 

Click below to watch!  

About After Hours 

After Hours is a podcast/video series that captures the perfect balance of candid conversation and deliberate discussion between Stream Realty Partners’ professionals. The series will share stories from our team members on topics ranging from career growth and workplace strategies to personal milestones and passion projects. New episodes will drop once a month through 2024, so follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook for details. 

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