The Clemons Twins Talk Competition, Common Threads, and All Things Construction Management in Two Stream Markets

Dallas, Austin
June 23 4 min read

Most Managing Director’s are thrilled to find one great candidate to fill a role, but Stream’s Eric Herron was lucky enough to find two! 

Meet Aaron Clemons and Derek Clemons, identical twins from East Texas who shared everything growing up—they played baseball in college together, studied Construction Management at Texas State together, and are now building careers with Stream’s Dallas and Austin Construction Management teams together.  

The brothers love the outdoors and building things, so a degree in Construction Management seemed like the natural next step. While at Texas State, Aaron and Derek worked as project managers for a residential construction company, though neither could shake the commercial side’s appeal. Seeing an opportunity, Derek found a Construction Management internship listed at Stream, which he passed on to Aaron. Eric Herron, Aaron’s supervisor, was impressed with Aaron’s responsiveness and skill and thought he would be a great addition to the team. Learning about Aaron’s twin brother was a bonus, with Eric holding onto Derek’s resume for future reference.    

While Aaron worked at Stream, rising the ranks to Vice President on the Austin team, Derek worked for a local General Contractor in Austin where he partnered with Eric Herron and Aaron on various projects. It was then that Eric knew Derek would be a perfect fit for Stream. Derek explained to Eric that he and his wife were looking to move to Dallas, Eric immediately sent his resume over to the leaders of the Dallas Construction Management team, Steve Riordan and Mandy Fults, who quickly identified Derek’s qualifications and hired him. 

“Stream is a great company, and I wanted Derek to be a part of it too. I’m glad he’s found a place here.” Aaron says. “Derek and I are very competitive with each other; we challenge each other to go the extra mile while wanting the best for one another,” 

Dallas to Austin is the furthest the brothers have ever lived apart, though they still make time to connect daily about their families, work projects, and team. “It’s great to have someone I’m close to working in a similar role on a different team in a different city. We learn a lot from each other,” said Derek. 

Derek also enjoys sharing a similar role with his brother, which he describes as a dream job. “Our projects vary anywhere from two to six months, depending on the size and scope of work. Managing budgets, contracts, timelines, and general contractors for 10-20 projects simultaneously make up most of my day to day. Needless to say, my inbox is always full and phone is always ringing!”  

“I’ve fallen in love with this sector of the Commercial Construction Industry. Working directly with brokers through leases, representing Landlords and managing millions of square feet of product allows you to be involved in every aspect of Commercial Real Estate,” said Derek. “Steve and Mandy have done an incredible job assembling a high-performing, supportive team. I look forward to working with them each day.” 

Aaron and Derek agree that accountability, positivity, and impeccable communication keep their projects moving.  

 “My clients know that regardless of what happens, I will handle it promptly, treating a project with optimism and respect, and ensuring the right team is fit for the job.” said Aaron. “Construction is a messy process with lots of loose ends, so assuring my clients that I have it handled allows them to focus on other things. I know Derek is the same way, which is a big reason we are successful at our jobs.” 

Derek couldn’t agree more. “As construction managers, we are the common thread throughout an entire project, start to finish. We maintain exceptional client and vendor relationships and high levels of communication to keep everything running smoothly. Delivering a quality product, instilling trust and providing a positive experience to our clients goes a long ways in this industry. ” 

Quick Questions with the Clemonses 

Which project is taking up most of your time these days? 

Aaron: RiverSouth has been a significant project for the past few years, with the shell building delivering and managing complex tenant/amenity projects on each of the floors. The smart building element makes it a great challenge to learn.  

Derek: I’ve been working on a 450,000-square-foot industrial, freezer/cooler tenant improvement project in Flower Mound. This project is very dense with a lot of moving pieces. The challenges encountered have been great to learn and navigate through.  

What’s your favorite local restaurant? 

Aaron: I’m not the first to say it, but Wu Chow in Austin is delicious.  

Derek: 1845 Taste of Texas in Flower Mound. Great music and incredible food. 

What do you like about your city? 

Aaron: I love the culture of the city. The Capital Building and 6th Street are Texas icons, and tons of new architecture gives the city a modern feel. The city lends itself to an active lifestyle, and UT brings great young energy to the heart of Austin. 

Derek: You can’t beat the convenience with the  International Airport; I also love that I can attend any professional sports game here in Dallas. Overall, DFW is a massive city with unique architecture and a historic skyline. It’s the perfect spot for our (My Wife and I) lifestyle and careers. 

What’s your favorite part of Texas? 

Aaron: The Hill Country, hands down. It’s the prettiest part of Texas. 

Derek: We grew up in East Texas. It’s where family is. It feels like home.  

What’s the most rewarding part of a project? 

Aaron: Walking through the finished project and seeing how everything came together. seeing  an idea or concept become real, and all the puzzle pieces fit is the most rewarding feeling in the end.  

Derek: Client Satisfaction. Walking through a finished product and seeing the excitement of your clients is a very rewarding feeling.  

Are you interested in building a rewarding career? We are always looking for Smart, Honest, Nice, and Passionate individuals (or twins!) to join our team. Check out our career page to learn more!  

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